Reservation Form (Fax for reservations: 202-517-9179)

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Contact Information

Toll Free: 1-888-549-3415
Local: 703-549-3415
International: 001-703-549-3415
Fax: 202-517-9179
Postal Only: 4938 Hampden Lane, Ste. 164, Bethesda, MD 20814

Most reservations are made by phone.

Faxing for your reservation using this form can allow you to have all of the information organized and is very efficient in its use of time. If you prefer to make reservations by fax, you can print out, fill out, and fax back this form. Please DO NOT EMAIL this form with Credit Card Information. AABBN does not have a secure server.

AABBN office hours are 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time in the USA, Monday through Friday. We are usually closed on US federal holidays.

In order to confirm a reservation, AABBN must have a signed Credit Card Authorization for a Visa or Master Card. The card must have sufficient credit for the entire planned amount, even if the guest is planning to pay by check or cash on arrival. We normally charge credit cards in full about 48 hours before arrival.

Alexandria & Arlington Bed & Breakfast Networks (AABBN)
4938 Hampden Lane, Ste. 164, Bethesda, MD 20814
703-549-3415, Toll Free 1-888-549-3415, Fax 202-517-9179,

Items marked with an “*” are required for the reservation.


* Name of Contact Person (CP):

* Contact Person Phones, Day, Eve, Cell:

Contact Person Email, Fax, Address:


Names of Guests:

Guest Phones, Day, Eve, Cell:

Guest Email, Fax, Address:

* B&B & Room Desired:

2d Choice B&B & Room Desired:

3d Choice B&B & Room Desired:

*Arrival Date, Time, & Mode of Travel:

* Departure Date: Number of Nights of Stay:

* Quantity of Adults:

* Quantity of Children & Ages:

Local Contacts? Attending Special Events?

* Any Environmental or Pet Allergies?

* Any Dietary Restrictions?

* Any Smokers? Yes No Can smokers smoke outdoors only?

* Are you a business traveler? Yes No

* Are you a government or corporate traveler receiving per diem? Yes No

* Old Town Alexandria Only: Make, Model, Year, State, & Number of License Plate:

* Do you require a receipt? Yes No If so, should it be by: Email Fax USPS

NOTE: AABBN will send you address, directions, etc. Please be aware that our B&Bs do not advertise separately, so there is no way to contact the B&B without the information that we will provide to you. Please carry the address & directions with you.


* Name as on Credit Card:

* Cardholder Address:

* Cardholder Phones, Day, Eve, Cell:

Cardholder Fax & Email:

*Card Number & Expiration Date:

* Rate per Night & Tax Rate as on Description:

* Grand Total:

* I prefer to pay by? CC Check In Advance Check On Arrival Cash On Arrival

* I am aware of the Extremely Severe Cancellation Policy. Affirmed.

I hereby authorize AABBN to charge my credit card the amount shown above about 48 hours prior to my scheduled arrival date. AABBN will only charge me if they confirm my reservation at one of my listed choices of B&B's.

NOTE: If the guest is planning to pay by cash or check, this Credit Card Authorization is required to ensure compliance with the Cancellation Policy.

* Signature & Date ________________________________________________